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Garmin 1300 Review. Never Get Lost Again With This Portable GPS.

Garmin 1300 Review : 4.3″ GPS Navigator

garmin nuvi 1300 review ratings

garmin nuvi 1300 4.3" gps navigator reviews

Garmin GPS navigation shows it’s continuous progression with the Garmin nuvi 1300 4.3 Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator. It has a wide, touchscreen display with WQVGA color TFT, a sharp 480 by 272 pixel display. Since this is a lighter, thinner, and low price GPS, it will be a great companion for all types of traveling whether you are walking, driving, or hiking. However, it is not intended for marine usage because its casing is not water-proof. The white backlight and wide screen display of Garmin Nuvi 1300 will help its user easily see the details of the roads and streets on any trip.

With the text-to-speech feature on the Garmin nüvi 1300 4.3″ GPS Navigator, you don’t need to take your eyes off the road because it will announce out loud the direction of your destination. You don’t have to backtrack either if you accidentally miss an exit, the Garmin 1300 Portable GPS Navigator will recalculate and verbally announce the new exit and street names to you. Also, this device is customizable. You can program special points of interest (POI) for you to mark particular places. It comes with built-in maps of North America, Hawaii, Europe, Canada, and Puerto Rico which makes this GPS perfect for new entrants in the world of GPS.

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It’ll be your trusty wingman in your travels with its built in speaker, you get clear voice notifications which give the names of the streets you are driving and approaching during your trip. One new feature on Garmin nuvi 1300 Portable GPS Navigator helps the driver find other routes if they find that there will be unnecessary problems coming their way. If you are new to a country or unfamiliar with a particular place, the Garmin feature called “Where Am I” will provide you with emergency services, significant places, and all the hot spots within the region you are driving in. Unlike other GPS units, this device is very handy and not congested with unpractical features. It can easily be stored directly in your pocket or purse too.

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Let’s take a look at the portable GPS navigator features in this Garmin 1300 review.

  • 4.3-inch WQVGA touchscreen widescreen display with ultra-slim GPS design
  • Interface gives you enhanced graphics
  • Built-in 48 States City Navigator NT maps, counting the many searchable points of interest(POI)
  • Download the optional CityXplorer maps to enable its Pedestrian navigation capability
  • EcoRoute for fuel efficient way for fuel efficient way
  • Navigate using buses, tramway, city, & uptown rail systems using Public transit mode
  • Turn-by-turn directions with spoken street names (text-to-speech)

Garmin 1300 Review Video : 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator

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  • Color: Silver
  • Dimensions: 4.8 x 2.9 x 0.6 inches (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 5.7 ounces
  • Battery: Built-in Lithium-Ion battery
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 hours, depending on usage
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Display: 4.3-inch touchscreen WQVGA TFT display with white backlight
  • Display Resolution: 480 x 272
  • Additional Storage: microSD card slot

The Good Stuff:

  • Simple to work interface
  • free of charge map refurbish with registration
  • Free voices as great as car downloads
  • simple to locate a single desired places
  • Comprehensive poke by name

The Bad Stuff:

  • No Bluetooth
  • No giveaway map updates for life.

Below are a couple of the many great 5-star Garmin 1300 reviews from owners with this portable GPS navigator:

garmin 1300 5-star reviews I received my Garmin1300 a week ago for my birthday and am thoroughly delighted with it! It’s very easy to program and provides nearly flawless directions. The graphics are easy to read, the computer voice (in Jill and Jack formats) is comprehensible and the features are fun. I wish we had this device on recent trips to New Jersey and Virginia. It answers my classic question, “Where is the nearest Dunkin Donuts?” with amazing ease and rapidity. It can locate street addresses and business names with equal facility. It calculates the cost of gas used on a trip, and the number of miles spent at rest and moving. It gives real-time feedback on speed, compass direction and distance to the next turn.

I am so impressed by the care that went into the voice interface on the Garmin1300. I am warned in good time about upcoming turns. And the Garmin1300 even knows the names of those short access roads I didn’t know existed. And to show the level of care that went into the device’s design, the suction cup that holds the Nuvi to a dashboard has a little tab to break the suction, making it easy to move the device. That’s great design!… Garmin 1300 Reviews Paraphrased for size – view original review here.

garmin 1300 reviews 5-starFirst of all, I have the Garmin1300T, which is identical except it includes lifetime traffic. That being said, I have had this going on a month now and find it to be one of the best, if not THE best GPS Vehicle Nav I have come across. I have several handhelds of various names, but in sticking with the scope of this review, I will only mention my previous experience with the vehicle GPS units.

I’ve had just about every brand name of GPS unit in search of the “perfect” one. Up until now, the closest I came was with a Nuvi 350 when it was first released in 05, which I foolishly sold as I wasn’t using it as much as I had originally thought. Back then, GPS Nav was a nicety and not nearly as “big” as it is today. Since then, I’ve had units from Magellan, Cobra, Finedrive (Ugh!), Whistler, TomTom, Mio(My favorite TeleAtlas based brand) and Navigon. All had their plusses and minuses but, never really hit that sweet spot. With the exception of one small detail, the 1300 FINALLY gets it… Garmin 1300 Reviews Paraphrased for size – view original review here.

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